About ME!

Hi 👋🏽, I'm Praveen, I love to eat 🍔, code 💻, and explore 🌍.

I am a software engineer, currently working at Quizizz as a full stack developer intern. And pursuing my bachleors from Indian Institute of Information Technology Una in Computer Science and engineering. I am also a Google Students Developers Club Lead.

I have previously worked at :

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My free time generally goes into learning new technology in web development and JavaScript ecosystem.These days I am working on a $0 blog project in which I am building a blog using Next.js and MdX.That aims to provide developers a platform to write and publish their own blog with interactivity of React.js components in their markdown content at 0 price.

If that sounds intresting to you, you can ping me on my email praveen@praveeen.in or you can connect with me on socials here.